On the Eagle you can play any style where a strong, dynamic and flexible recorder would add to depth to the music. It’s also possible to play elegantly and softly, because the voicing is very fine. The power comes from the strong basis in the tone and not from the harmonics in the 2nd and 3rd register. This ensures that the Eagle still has an authentic, round and full recorder sound. The low register is as strong as the high register so that you can make beautiful musical lines over the whole range of the instrument. This solves the usual problem of losing volume in the low register, without the instrument being too loud in the high register.

We enlarged the Eagle with an extension to E, which makes the range 2 octaves and a 6th. ( e’- c’’’). The high register plays easily due to addition of the octave key.

Our latest development is a new metal labium which makes the sound even stronger and more suitable for playing together with modern instruments.

It is best to order these Eagles based on your own breathing type.You will need a lot of air, so it is important not to lose your energy on an instrument that is not fitted to your blowing style. For more information see the article Inhaler or Exhaler? on my website.

The Eagle Recorder is developed by Adriana Breukink, Geri Bollinger and  Küng Blockflötenbau.


Alto in F with E foot extension 

A= 443 Herz

€ 1850


Soprano in C with B foot extension 

A= 443

€ 1440 in Grenadil